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    My god! Imagine that cock tearing up your hole while being pinned down by that body! That guy’s got it all.

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    Yeah, of course I’d fucked guys before. But those times I was just taking advantage of a free hole, using what was available to me to get my nut.

    This was different. Totally fucking different.

    What? Fuck no. It’s not like I was in love with him or any shit, but there’s no denying that it was hotter ‘cause he wasn’t just another nameless hole, another anonymous faggot who give his right ball to get me to fuck him. This was something more, something nastier and sexier and dirtier and better, because I knew this guy, this fag. I knew his name, his age, his friends, his family, his plans for the future, everything. Except now I also knew how his tongue felt on my balls, how his cheek looked when my cockhead was pushin’ it out, and how sweet his ass—the ass I knew he’d wanted to give me ever since his big bro and I became best friends in highschool—felt wrapped around my dick.

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    So fuckin delicious.

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    I could hit this anytime.

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